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Writer, and concept:
Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki and Kristoffer Fabricius
Composer and libretto:
Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki

On the little planet, were matriarchy is the ruling power, the spoken language is one of emotional singing and passionate lyrics. 
To put an end to the bloody past and suffering, all men has been caged, and are only used as breeding animals. The only light is given when the milking machine, provides the next moment of fleeting bliss. 
Sex has been industrialized and is forever forbidden in its natural form.

Approaching a high age, the woman are all, impatiently, awaiting the sexual maturity of the prime stage, ”The little Emperor”. As the chosen one he has been raised in the magnificent halls, played in the rose gardens but never stepped outside the smooth marble walls that encircles the castle grounds. When the year reaches it’s longest day, The little Emperor will carrie his burdened genes to all the awaiting women of the society. 

But unfortunately he is homosexual and only has eyes for the piglet-boy - he who every year appears in disguise at The little Emperors annual celebration festivities. The piglet is one of the forbidden and degenerated children who lives hidden and exiled in the dark forest.
The love between the little emperor and the piglet-boy is, of course, considered to be socially subversive, as the little emperor is next in line to carry on the genes of the wisest and most beautiful personalities of history.

He and the piglet-boy's only option is to escape, in a red balloon to the moon Janus - which is the center of their dreams and longings.

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