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—  Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki  —


"Opera in progress” (no title yet) - Opera
Composer, Librettist, Director

"The Curtain" - rebuilt guitar and violin, praxinoscopes
Composer, Director

“Falling Awake” - Opera 
Composer, Librettist, Director
Foketeatret, 2013-2017

“Den Du Fodrer” - Opera 
Music, Librettist, Director
Krudttønden, Åbne Scene, 2016 

“Leopold von Loppenskjolds Forunderlige Fantasterier” – Music theatre  
Composer, Dramaturg, Video
Aveny-T, 2012

“Jeg er nissefar” – Tv-serie (written and performed by Kristioffer Fabricius and Andreas Berg)
Sociale media in cooperation with Folketeatret, 2010

“På renden af et nervøst gennembrud” – Theatre (written and performed by Kristioffer Fabricius)
Odense Teater, 2008

“And Then There Were None” – Theatre 
Concept, Dramaturg, Video
Baltoppen, 2008

“Han, Den, Det” – Opera 
Royal Danish Opera House, 2005

“Dracula” – Musical 
Baltoppen, 2004

“Brødre af samme jord” – Musical 
Helsingør Teater, 1999


Composer, concept
Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune, 2016

Composer, concept
Mikrogalleriet, 2008

Intrumental works: 

"Duet for one no. 1 and no. 2", 2014, 2018
cello and optional string instrument

“Lost in you” 2012, 2016
Conjoined Clarinet and Saxophone

“For kun balloner når himlen”, 2016 
Bas flute solo, harp / or guitar, children string orchestra and Video

“Flight of the Sigh”, 2015 
Violin and Guitar

“Cover me”, 2014 

“Gemmer mig for Rosetta”, 2014 
Clarinet solo played by a bassoonist, and Sinfonietta 

“Piece of glass”, 2009-2019 
Glass harp

“Lila-be”, 2009-2010  “Gemmer mig for Rosetta”, 2014 
Flute Solo / or Flute, string trio and video

“Dreaming she was Madeleine”, 2006 
String Quartet

“Le ray au Soley”, 2003 
Four-handed piano and two click tracks

“The paint has come off in the rain”, 2003 
Two Pianists

“Piano Quintet”, 2002 
Piano Quintet

“Det sidste vers”, 2002 
Piano solo





Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki’s music is partly or fully based on concepts found in an audiovisual crossroads. Piasecki often seeks to combine the two forms of expression or to blur the borders between them. In several works he draws aspects of reality into the music, for instance by articulating the fragility in the concert situation. 

In the clarinet concert "Hiding for Rosetta" ‘reality’ is the meeting between the audience’s expectations of a professional musician and the soloist’s lack of instrumental skills. A bassoonist plays the clarinet solo, and with this twist Piasecki inscribes a certain fragility into the piece.  

In the opera "Falling Awake", Piasecki works with other elements of resistance, creating a sort of authenticity or reality: The countertenor sings while hanging on a rotating metal wheel, and after a dramatic assault, the child alto singer refuses to sing along. In the cello duo "Duet for One", two musicians play one cello, and one hears the sound from both parts of the string. To operate the instrument the musicians need to stand in a close embrace, and this intimate situation affects the experience of the music.

The piece for glass harp and glass vases, "Piece of Glass", revolves around the fragile character of the glass, and to emphasize this condition the soloist plays with hammers. The inevitable fact that the glass will break sooner or later, adds an experience of frailty and melancholy to the music.

Thus a sense of synergy between the abstract, scored music and the concrete reality, in which the music is performed, often arises in Piasecki’s pieces. In this way he emphasizes a sense of the real in the music. Furthermore the focus on the concrete reality of the music allows a hint of a visual narrative usually belonging to the more dramatic forms of expression.

Piasecki studied composition as part of the soloist programme at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus under Simon Steen-Andersen. He has a Master in composition from The Royal Danish Academy of Music where he studied with Bent Sørensen and Hans Abrahamsen.

World famous ensembles such as the Arditti Quartet and Ensemble Intercontemporain have performed Piasecki’s music. His clarinet concert was awarded best music piece of 2014 by the Danish Arts Foundation. In 2018 Falling Awake were among the winners of the Music Theatre Now competition in Rotterdam, Chosen out of 436 music theatre plays and operas from all over the world. The composer received the Augustinus Foundation 75 year Anniversary Award for his work.