2018 “The Curtain” 

Music/film/performance for violin and guitar with build-in interactive film projectors (music, film and concept)

Commisioned by Duo Hellqvist/Munk

2013-2017 “Falling Awake”                                      Opera: Sop, KontraTen, Young girl, FL, Cl, Perc, Pno, Vl, Vla, Vlc, Cb, Guit

2016 “Den du fodrer” 
Puppet theater (lyrics, music and concept) sop(actor), puppeteer, string trio

mand-pa-mausi med

2016 “Lost in you” 
For conjoined Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone

2016 “For kun balloner når himlen”
Flute, Harp, String Trio and Shadow play

2014 “Flight of the Sigh”
Violin and Guitar 
Commisioned by Duo Hellqvist/Munk

2014 "Cover Me"
Guitar solo or guitar ensemble
Commisioned by Mikkel Egelund Nielsen 

2014 "Gemmer mig for Rosetta”     
Clarinet concertino, commisioned by Athelas Sinfonietta. The piece explores the beauty of the insecurity that comes with doing something for the first time. It does so by letting the bassoonist play the solo clarinet - an instrument she dreamed of playing as a child.

2014 "Duet for one" 
Cello duo, commissioned by SPOR festival 

2014 "Piece of glass"     
Glass harp, commissioed by Matias Seibæk

2012 "Romance for conjoined musicians"                 Fl, Cl, Perc, Pno, Vl, Vlc, commissioned by Ensemble Intercontemporain

Excerpt from the piece


2012 "Leopold von Loppenskjolds              Forunderlige Fantasterier"                                Theater

akvarie3 komp med


2011 "Following Rosetta"                                                                   Reed Quartet, commissioned by Ensemble 4Reeds

337357 192046814208417 med

Excerpt from the piece

2011 "Jeg er Nissefar"                                              Tv-series


2009 “Let Me Wither In Your Sight”                             2 Percussion players: Glass Harp

Excerpt from the piece

2009 "On The Brink Of A Nervous Breakthrough" Theater: Actor, Piano and Clarinet

2009-2010 “Lulla by - Lila be”                                       Flute and Video

2008 “And Then There Were None”                    Theater/Video

Excerpt from the piece

2006 Dreaming she is Madeleine"                                                                           (old title: “Broken Promises”), String Quartet, Premiered by the Arditti String Quartet

Excerpt from the piece

2005 “Scene 4”                                                                                             (The Opera “Han, Den, Det”), Sop, Ten, 2Sax, 2Pno, 2Perc, 2Vl, 2Vlc               Premiered at the Royal Danish Opera House

Excerpt from the piece

opera small med

2004 “Dracula”                                                        Operette: 9 singers, Chamber orchestra, Rocktrio, Choir

Excerpts from the piece   

dracula 04 med
dracula 01

2003 “Le ray au soleyl”                                            Four handed Piano and two Clicktracks

Excerpt from the piece

2002 “The Paint Has Come Off In The Rain”                2 Pianists

2001 “The Final Stanza”                                            Piano

1999-2003 “Barock”                                                Progressive Rockband, composer and keyboards

1999 “Brothers Of The Same Earth”                          Music theater for children

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